My Wife Tried to Ruin My Life and a Lawyer Kept That from Happening

I was petrified of what was going to happen to me next. My wife had run off and left me with a large amount of bills that she had run up over the years. She had not bothered to help me pay any of them before she left, and I believed that she left in the end because her cash cow had run out and she didn’t want me to hound her to get a job anymore. My only hope was through a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney who helped me back to a life of balance again after another human being didn’t care to what happened to me at all. There’s no telling what else I would have lost had I not had some sort of legal help.

My wife had a shopping problem, and all came about because she wanted everyone to think of her as someone who has enough money to buy the best things. She spent money on expensive manicures, spa treatments, haircuts, clothing, shoes, diamond jewelry and furniture. She had so much clothing that it no longer fit into our three closets. She began piling it up in the guest room. High-end shoes spilled across the floor in that room. She would quickly grow tired of our new furniture, dump it and spend money on an entire new living room or bedroom suite to show off to her friends. I was so stressed trying to keep up with the bills and not doing a good job of paying everything.

I was sitting at work one day when my car was repossessed. My boss saw it happen. Other employees saw it happened. I felt so low. I went home that night and told my wife she needed to get a job or get out. She chose to get out. That was the night that I found all the home foreclosure notices. As soon as I woke up the next morning, I knew I needed to get legal help immediately, so I did.